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Instead of humming this again and again I decided to record a version of my own. Or try.

I’m afraid my mind made a strange mix of an Agnes Obel and a Fiona Apple song (with a tired voice).


This is the first snow in Egypt for 112 years. This angle of the Sphinx shows the anomalous weather condition even more.

"Growing days"

This might be my 7th so-called E.P.

Listen/purchase: Growing days by Camille Ruiz


"Les Alyscamps," Vincent van Gogh.

A time-lapse peony from a 1950s promotional short, “Garden Wise.” 

A dog sits in the middle of a road in an empty village after all villagers were evacuated a day after Mount Sinabung spewed ash at Mardingding village in Karo district, Indonesia’s north Sumatra province on November 19, 2013.
[Credit : Roni Bintang/Reuters]

FP5000_02 by Jane Grigoryeva